"An Adventure Of The Mind"

Dennis and Peter Adams designed the Probe 15 in 1968 to "Investigate the extremes of design". The car borrowed from Science Fiction and the world of Formula 1 and is still a spectacular example of British design at the start of the Supercar era.

Fifty years on, Andromeda is an evolution of the Probe 15 design, building on the DNA of the Probe but seeking to address some of the shortcomings of the original prototype:

"Some say that if Salvador Dali had designed a car it would look like this. Others say that it was 3D printed from a message intercepted from outer space. All we know is that Andromeda will put a smile on your face and reignite your passion for life."

Terry Smith, Founder Circa Cars

Andromeda's core features

Some of the key developments of the probe series and core features of the Andromeda probe.

"The Previous Adams Probe models - The Probe 15, The ClockWork Orange Probe 16 & the Probe 2001 were made in very limited numbers. Access Was seen as a problem for the driver & passengers and power was limited with the Hillman Imp and BMC 1800 Engines of the day."


Take a look at the Andromeda project so far

The Racing Car Show (1969)

Here is the Adams Probe-15 (seen at 0:48sec) being entered through the sliding roof panel. ©British Pathe

Clockwork Orange Probe16 - Stanley Kubrick Exhibition

Will Gompertz interviewing Malcolm McDowell in the Probe 16, Malcolm McDowell played the role of the thug Alex in A Clockwork Orange

Clockwork Orange - Probe16 scene

Here is the Adams Probe-16 in the'Clockwork Orange' 1961 sci-fi TV Series© Warner Bros. Entertainment

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